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What Patients are Saying About Allergy Drops

I hate needles! No way would I take allergy shots. I heard about allergy drops, tried them and one month later had more than 75% relief. And, the best part, no medication. - Jessica (age 19)

Asthma, coughing attacks and my nebulizer are gone. I'm playing soccer and haven't used an inhaler in over a year thanks to the allergy drops. - Emanuel (age 12)

For the past two years, my five-year old daughter wheezed whenever she played outdoors, had a cold or played with our neighbor’s cat. Her doctor had her on all sorts of medications and a nebulizer. Within a month of going on allergy drops she was a different child. No nebulizer, no asthma medicine and no symptoms when she plays with the cat!- parent of Valerie (age 5)

I had a cough that drove me and a few doctors crazy for 2 years. I was tested for TB, had MRI's, chest X-rays and pulmonary tests. They told me I had asthma. Inhalers didn't help and I was miserable. Dr. M. discovered I had respiratory allergies that caused a postnasal drip. The drip caused the cough! I've been on allergy drops and haven't coughed in months. -Richard K.

Finally can hold my cat thanks to my allergy drops. Before I started my cat allergy drops I couldn't be in the same room without sneezing or having itchy eyes.

Thanks to my allergy drops, my sinus and allergy problems are finally manageable! Thank you so much Dr. M.!