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Dr. Mastrosimone focuses on finding and treating the cause of your allergy problems not symptoms.

Dr. Mastrosimone, who has been in practice for more than 47 years, offers allergy treatment via sublingual or drops under the tongue. Most of his patients suffer from recurring, allergy, asthma and sinus problems like postnasal drip, sinus pressure and headaches. 

He spent four decades using the traditional method of giving allergy shots. The major problem with shots is the treatment program can last 5 years or longer, shots hurt, you can have a serious life-threatening reaction but the main problem is 70% or more of his patients dropped out of treatment within the first year! He believed this statistic is average for most allergy practices.

Five years ago, using the same vaccine used in allergy shots, he began treating patients with allergy drops under the tongue shots. A method used in Europe for over 45 years. It is safe, effective and the drop out rate was less than 20%. None of his patients, unlike injections, had reactions to the drops. His youngest patient was 2 years old. 

He noted Improvement and response time in children was faster than adults; most reduced or eliminated their medication within several months. In many cases, improvement was seen during the first month of using sublingual drops. Average time for adults to see improvement was 2 - 8 weeks. Some took longer.

Nevertheless, the most important point Dr. Mastrosimone makes is that no matter the treatment - shots or sublingual drops - he, like other allergist, is treating the CAUSE of patient's symptoms. Medication only treats symptoms. He is focused on providing a medical service with the highest level of patient satisfaction. 

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